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Welcome to the wiki!

This is the wiki for our Nentir Vale D&D campaign. For the time being, the number of entries is manageable enough to keep an index of them all here on the homepage. With any luck, the project will someday expand to a point where that’s no longer feasible, and then we’ll have to figure something else out.

On the wiki, you’ll notice two kinds of links: (1) orange links, denoting entries containing some content, and (2) yellow links, denoting entries without content. All participants in the campaign should feel free to edit existing entries and to create new ones. If you’re nervous about exercising such ultimate cosmic power, how about just creating a simple wiki entry for your player character? The links are below, and they await.

PCs: Althaea, Baern, Brandis, De’Wayne, Nuvok

Antagonists: Szartharrax

Deities: Bahamut, Corellon, Gruumsh, Io, Kord, Kurtulmak, Pelor, Tiamat

Fallcrest NPCs: Melech Ambrose, Amara Azaer, Dav Bannist, Grundelmar, Teldorthan Ironhews, Armos Kamroth, Kelson , Allande Markelhay, Faren Markelhay, Nimozaran the Green, Tobolar Quickfoot, Serim Selduzar, Claude Staunton, Erandil Zemoar

Fallcrest Locations: Hightown , Lowtown, Lucky Gnome Taphouse, Moonstone Keep, Nentir Inn, Septarch’s Tower

Harkenwold NPCs: Cordelia Stahl, Douven Stahl

Historical Items: Arkhosia, Bael Turath, Bloodspear War, Fallcrest Wizards’ Guild, Kiris Hoyt, Duncan Marclay, Nerath

Nentir Vale Locations: Cloak Wood, Fallcrest, Gray Downs, Hammerfast, Harkenwold, Kiris Dahn, Kobold Hall, Winterhaven

NPC Groups: Bloodspear Orcs, the Fell Court, Raven’s Roost Bandits, River Rats, Skull Kickers

Other NPCs: Dreus, Treona

Winterhaven NPCs: Ernst Padraig

Main Page

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