Fallcrest is one of the largest and most cosmopolitan towns in the Nentir Vale region. It lies on the east bank of the Nentir River at the site of the Nentir Falls. Within the city walls, the population is approximately 1000—another 1000 or so occupy farms within a few miles. The city is governed by Faren Markelhay, a hereditary noble, and administered by a town council appointed by him. The town boasts a constabulary of fewer than 100 men; in an emergency Markelhay can summon a few hundred militiamen. Markelhay governs the city from Moonstone Keep, which sits atop a steep hill in the extreme northeast of the town.

Fallcrest was founded approximately four centuries ago as a northern outpost of the empire of Nerath. The site was chosen for its influence over commerce, since trade goods moving up and down the river had to be unloaded at the falls, carried over land up or down the bluff, and reloaded onto boats to continue their journey. The town grew and prospered, but remained a provincial outpost of Nerath. Thus the fall of Nerath, about 100 years ago, had little direct effect on life in Fallcrest. Just a few years after the waning of Nerath’s influence, however, a wave of Bloodspear orcs swept eastward across the Nentir Vale and razed many of the structures in Fallcrest. Almost a century later, not all of the rubble from that invasion has been cleared, particularly in the Lowtown. Some dwarven residents of Fallcrest are old enough to recall the Bloodspear invasion.

The city is divided into northern and southern sections by steep bluffs between 150 and 250 feet high. The northern section (the “ Hightown”) contains the homes Fallcrest’s more well-to-do, and also boasts three temples, two inns, and a few higher-end shops. The southern section (the “Lowtown”) is a busier, mixed residential and commercial district, with many shanties, shops, and taverns, as well as a small village green.



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