Balgron's Journal

Balgron’s Journal reads as follows:

The True History
—of the—
Meteoric Rise
How BALGRON infiltrated the Raven’s Roost Bandits,
and won the trust of the witch Erzoun

The great BALGRON had infiltrated the Raven’s Roost Bandits, an organization of raven-masked pinklings led by the shadow-witch, Erzoun. The witch sought to increase her power in a chapel deep in the earth. BALGRON and his troops were the first line of defense against intruders. But Erzoun was an unwise leader. When an orcish messenger appeared from Thunderspire, seeking to establish a slave trade with her, Erzoun had her men lure him into the cistern and slaughter him. The orc’s blood was like a libation to some secret evil, and when the ground drank it, an ancient beast awoke from its accursed slumber in the caves, whose madness threatened all who walked the halls below the earth. BALGRON bravely contained the threat, saving the lives of many. Then, conspiring with Gura and Lemnas, two of Erzoun’s other lieutenants, BALGRON arranged to secretly accept the offer from Thunderspire. Into chains HE hurled the thrice-cursed Splug, a liar and a thief, and BALGRON laughed as HE imagined the wretch toiling in the depths of the earth under Duergar taskmasters whose whips rend flesh from bone. Splug! May his name be spat upon until the last star fades!

BALGRON’s spies next brought HIM word that adventurers were poking around, asking questions, and murdering HIS allies in the valley below. Erzoun unwisely arranged a nighttime attack on the town of Winterhaven, believing that the adventurers would be found in the inn there. But BALGRON knew better, and tried to ready HIS troops for a frontal incursion by those very adventurers. But tragedy struck! HIS lazy troops wilted before the onslaught of the would-be heroes, and BALGRON was forced to lead a brave retreat through a secret passage in HIS chamber, bellowing loudly, as HE did, that HE would soon have HIS revenge. Over the next several hours, BALGRON gathered his most loyal troops, and set a bold ambush for the interlopers. When he had defeated them, he hoisted their heads on pikes, and the lackeys who had led the pointless assault on Winterhaven begged for death to end their shame, which favor BALGRON hastily granted them. Erzoun was impressed with BALGRON’s vigor and initiative, and made HIM her new consort, and asked HIM to be present with her when she performed her dark ritual of ascendance. BALGRON accepted.

How BALGRON murdered the unsuspecting Erzoun
in the midst of her apotheosis, and ascended in her place

The next day, the great BALGRON

Balgron's Journal

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