Nimozaran the Green

nimozaran.jpgNimozaran the Green is the most powerful wizard in the town of Fallcrest. He is an ally of Lord Faren Markelhay, and a close personal friend of the Lady Allande Markelhay. He is middle-aged, is always found in ornate green robes, and wears a neatly trimmed brown beard.

Nimozaran resides in the most ancient structure in Fallcrest, a seven-sided tower built by a long-forgotten wizard on a solitary bluff near the Moonwash Falls. (It is from the tower’s seven sides that Nimozaran derives his title, “High Septarch of Fallcrest.”) The tower pre-dates the town of Fallcrest by centuries, and, during the reign of Nerath, housed the Fallcrest wizards’ guild.

Nimozaran maintains magical communication with a network of friendly wizards, and is thus a source for news from inside and outside of the Nentir Vale. One of these contacts, residing near the Cloak Wood, was the source of the news that the Skull Kicker kobold tribe was to blame for the caravan raids that began in the spring of 588.

Nimozaran offered the party a cloak of resistance in return for their agreement to investigate who or what was directing the Skull Kickers’ attacks.

Nimozaran the Green

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