Moonstone Keep

Moonstone Keep is the home of the Lord Wardens of Fallcrest. It is located on a steep hill in the extreme northeast of the city’s Hightown. The outer gate of the keep is guarded by day and closed at night. Visitors are not permitted to enter the keep armed.

In addition to the castle itself, the keep’s walls house a number of outbuildings, including a barracks for the Fallcrest city guard, servants’ quarters, stables, storehouses, and a small chapel.

The first floor of the castle houses a reception area, a great hall (which also serves as a courtroom), and a few large conference rooms. The second floor houses smaller conference rooms, the offices of Lord and Lady Markelhay, and their private secretaries, as well as the Markelhays’ library. The Markelhays’ private residence occupies the higher floors of the castle.

The castle’s basement houses the public records of Fallcrest and the surrounding area, which are presided over by Dav Bannist, who holds the posts of Fallcrest Clerk of Court and Fallcrest Recorder of Deeds and Mortgages.

Moonstone Keep

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