Kobold Hall

The Kobold Hall is a structure located in the northern end of the Cloak Wood. It was the home of a noble family during the period of Nerath’s influence in the Nentir Vale. As of 588, the surface structures are in ruins, though a series of basement tunnels remain intact.

Kobold Hall’s name derives from the fact that the old tunnels beneath the manor had been occupied as a kobold warren for some time, most notably by the Skull Kickers, who were, until recently, the most powerful kobold tribe in the Cloak Wood.

The party’s first adventure was a raid of Kobold Hall on behalf of Lord Faren Markelhay of Fallcrest, Nimozaran the Green, and Teldorthan Ironhews. They managed to clear the kobold infestation, and defeat Szartharrax, the fledgling white dragon who was manipulating the Skull Kickers.

The party has expressed interest in the title to Kobold Hall, thinking perhaps it might meet the needs of Serim Selduzar, who is interested in buying a manor near Fallcrest. However, Dav Bannist, the Fallcrest Recorder of Deeds and Mortgages, speculates that title was likely never divested by the Nerathian noble family that formerly occupied the house. It may thus be impossible to determine the present ownership without heirship information that will be difficult to come by.

Serim later revealed that he had researched the title to the Kobold Hall, and that it had in fact been purchased by the Kiris family in the declining days of Nerath.

Kobold Hall

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