I was born in Fallcrest. My parents owned a shop and sold books and scrolls and maps. If it was made of paper, my parents probably sold it.

From the time I learned to read, I made it my goal to read everything in their shop. I never managed it, because I stumbled upon the few scrolls containing spells they had for sale. I became obsessed. I pored over any reference to magic in my parents’ shop, and quickly exhausted the knowledge their shelves could impart.

I begged and begged to learn more magic and my parents quickly realized that Fallcrest could not provide the education I needed. They mortgaged their shop to Armos Kamroth to pay for my education.

I left home and traveled to the mountains south of the Harken Forest, where I spent four years learning everything I could about magic. I found a mentor in Professor Amos. He first piqued my interest in the existence of portals to other planes.

Along with my (bordering on) obsession with portals, encouraged by Amos, I began to manifest my familiar. He took the form of a dragon, which made many of my classmates nervous and unsure of me. I made few friends while in school. I had always been bookish and quiet, and the presence of a dragon so often alongside me made me appear even more unapproachable than I originally seemed.

After leaving school, I returned home to Fallcrest, where I began to work in my parents’ shop and realized what a burden they had undertaken in mortgaging their business to Kamroth. Book sales had undertaken a decline in the four years I had been gone as the citizens of Fallcrest had found their disposable income lessening. Although the mortgage was manageable when I left, I returned to a family whose circumstances had been altered during my time away.

I reconnected with my childhood friend, Nuvok, and the two of us, along with our friend Baern, struck out on our quest.

I hope to find enough success as a wizard out in the great wide somewhere to pay off the debts my parents undertook to educate me. I hope to learn something beyond that which can be found in books about portals and the wider world.


People of Fallcrest, I implore you! Bandobras katylizg