People of Fallcrest, I implore you!

Gathering information, and the kobold hunt begins

On 23 Planting 588, Althaea, an eladrin rogue; Brandis, a human wizard; Baern, a dwarf fighter; and Nuvok, a half-elf cleric, convened at the Nentir Inn in Fallcrest looking for adventure. At the inn, they spoke with Serim Selduzar, a tiefling, who let on that he was in the market for real estate, but was having some trouble finding anything suitable, because of a near monopoly held by Armos Kamroth. They also spoke with Erandil Zemoar, the proprietor of the Nentir Inn, who had heard that a caravan bound for Fallcrest had recently been ambushed by kobolds near the town. He recommended that the party get more information from Lord Markelhay at the Moonstone Keep.

While waiting for an audience with the Lord Warden, the party met the dwarven smith, Teldorthan, who offered them 200 gp if they could retrieve a green dragon hide that had been lost in the caravan raid. The party accompanied Teldorthan into his conference with Lord Markelhay, and accepted a commission from the Lord Warden to snuff out the curiously well-organized kobolds who had been preying on merchants for the previous few weeks. Lord Markelhay directed the party to a ruined manor in the Cloak Wood, which he believes to be the kobolds’ hideout. He offered 250 gp if the party proves they’ve dealt with the threat by returning with the kobold leader’s bone mask.

The meeting with Markelhay was interrupted by the intrusion of Lady Markelhay and Nimozaran the Green. Nimozaran had intelligence from a friendly wizard near the Cloak Wood that the Skull Kicker kobold tribe had recently scattered its rivals, which was the reason they had become so focused on interrupting trade, as opposed to their usual internecine warfare. Nimozaran is concerned about what deeper threat may be directing the kobolds’ attacks, and offers the party an amulet of resistance if they return with an answer to that question.

Before leaving Moonstone, the party stopped by the property records room in the basement to investigate the ownership of the ruined keep that the kobolds were occupying. The gnomish clerk informed them that if the property was outside the city and not being actively farmed, it was very likely that record title was in some old Nerathian noble family, and it would likely be very difficult to determine the present ownership.

The party then ventured into the Lowtown and into the Lucky Gnome Tavern, where they made the acquaintance of its proprietor, Kelson. Kelson was in a foul mood, because his staff had failed to appear that morning. Finally concluding that he had no additional information to offer regarding the kobold raids, the party decided to call it a day. Brandis, Baern, and Nuvok, natives of Fallcrest, returned to their respective homes for the night. Althaea accompanied Baern.

The party reconvened at the Nentir Inn at 0800, 24 Planting 588, and made the 15-mile trek to the Kobold Hall. The journey took about five hours. When they arrived, the keep was in bad shape; towers had tumbled down, and there was no roof left standing anywhere. After searching for a few minutes they found a stairway down into an old basement. Brandis illuminated the tip of her staff, and Baern and Nuvok led the way down into the dark.

In the room before them a kobold immediately hissed to his compatriots. The party joined battle with four kobolds—two skirmishers and two slingers—in a room dominated by a long deep pool of green slime. They made rather short work of the guards. Brandis and Althaea remained on the stairs and rained spells and arrows respectively from afar. Nuvok and Baern brought the battle to the kobolds directly. Brandis’ phantom chasm spell was particularly effective, knocking three kobolds prone. The battle ended when Baern clove the skull of the last slinger in two with a mighty swing of his greataxe.

When we reconvene, it will be 1300, 24 Planting 588.


Bandobras Bandobras

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