People of Fallcrest, I implore you!

Dragonslayers, and an orc ambush

The party used the silver key that they found on the kobold leader’s body to open the secret door. They descended a staircase down into the blackness, and found themselves in a rough-hewn cavern that did not appear to be a part of the original structure of the keep. The air was unnaturally cold. Turning a corner, they came upon a fledgling white dragon, Szartharrax, who proceeded to threaten them and then attack with his freezing breath weapon.

After a long battle, the party was able to slay the dragon. Searching the room, they found a locked chest that Althaea was able to open. Inside was the green dragon hide that Teldorthan had sent the party after, as well as a Lifedrinker Short Sword +1, which Althaea claimed. The time was now around midnight, and the party elected to march through the night back to Fallcrest.

About three hours later, they came to a place where the road entered a small wood. Ahead and off to the side, a twig snapped. Suddenly, a group of nine orcs charged the party from the woods on either side of the road. The largest of the orcs carried a heavy shield bearing the device of an eye, which had been painted over with a vertical stripe of red. After a short but tense battle, all of the orcs lay in a heap at the party’s feet. Nuvok took the leader’s shield, which turned out to be a Heavy Shield of Eyes. The party also found a note on the leader’s body, which read:

We have struck our bargain with the wizard. Half the price is paid. The rest will follow when we deliver the stone. You will go to Gorizbadd and squeeze the life from those worthless goblins until they give it to you. I trust this will not require my personal attention, but with servants like I’ve had recently, one never knows.


And by Gruumsh’s eye, destroy this letter! If Dreus’ plans are discovered, trust that I will have your head before she can take mine.

When we reconvene, it will be 0300, 25 Planting 588.


Bandobras Nuvok

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