Heroes chasing adventure and intrigue in the Nentir Vale

Friends Baern, Brandis, and Nuvok dream of a world outside their provincial hometown of Fallcrest. When Althaea, an eladrin, passes through their sleepy community, the trio impulsively gloms onto the mysterious stranger, to her alternate amusement and annoyance. Together, the party accepts a commission from Lord Warden Faren Markelhay to hunt kobolds in the ruins of a manor from the bygone days of Nerath. Unknown to any of the four, they are tailed to the ruins by one of Markelhay’s house guards, De’Wayne, who, similarly restless, also seeks adventure in the wider world.

After a confrontation with the wyrmling Szartharrax, Baern decides that a life of adventure does not agree with him after all, and when the party heads up the King’s Road towards Winterhaven, he stays behind in Fallcrest to try his hand as a real estate broker. Meanwhile, in Winterhaven, the party makes the acquaintance of Stonegraves, a wily and experienced dwarven ranger. Together, they now investigate some suspicious goings-on in the region around Winterhaven.

Players, here’s your Quest Log!!!

People of Fallcrest, I implore you!

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